COVID-19 Protocol
as of May 2021

Businessman with Mask

- Masks (not bandanas, gaiters, face drapes or any other substitute) will be required for entry into the building.  If you do not have a mask, please be sure to utilize the entry at the top of the hill so that one can be presented to you as soon as you enter the building. 


- Masks must be worn over mouth and nose at all times in the building (and most certainly and especially in the sanctuary).  The only exception is during consumption of communion elements (bread and juice).  If you need to remove your mask for any reason (a drink of water, etc) please step briefly outside the building and put your mask back on before you reenter. 


- If anyone in the sanctuary removes his/her mask, they will be immediately instructed to put it back on.  If they do not, the worship service will end then and there.   


- In an effort to limit the spread of aerosols, singing in the sanctuary will be limited to soloists (who will also be masked). 


- There will not be any physical passing of the peace during the service.  There will not be an offering plate passed around, though one will be positioned at the back of the sanctuary in which pledges/offerings may be placed. 


- There will be no receiving line/greeting at the back of the sanctuary with the pastor following worship.


- While there will be no spots marked "X" for seating, we are encouraging everyone to space out in the sanctuary as best they can.  The one exception is family units: if you live with anyone that is in attendance with you, you are not expected to space out.


- There will be no ushers.  If socializing before worship, please observe spacing suggestions. 


- Individually packaged communion elements have been purchased for our services.  While we would encourage folks to make use of these, if you prefer to bring your own tiny piece of bread and a very small bottle of juice from which you take one drink that is perfectly acceptable.


- Windows will be kept open and each one will have a fan positioned in front of it.  Doors to the sanctuary (except for doors to the counting room) will also be left open, as will the windows in the lounge. 


- Sanitizer will be provided in every pew.


- An outdoor, mask-optional coffee hour will be held outside on the patio and adjacent area immediately following worship.  Given the vast difference between indoor and outdoor spread of aerosols, in addition to masks not being required we are also encouraging a hymn-sing if anyone is interested in engaging in song during this time of food and fellowship.  If you have removed your mask and need to reenter the church during coffee hour, please put your mask back on.  The rule is simple: masks must be worn inside, and masks are optional outside.